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When are courses available?

See our website for the course calendar.

What is the minimum and maximum number of participants I can have in a face-to-face or online course?

8 is the minimum and 22 is the maximum for the Mental Health First Aid Course.

Do you train all over the state and the mainland?

Yes, we will work with organisations to meet their needs and requirements to have staff trained.

Why should we invest in training?

For every dollar spent on accredited mental health first aid training it returns $2.30, plus workers' compensation claims are more costly due to mental health issues, absenteeism is higher, and people feel less likely to use EAP . Its all about early intervention.

How is the MHFA Program evaluated?

Since it began in 2000, Mental Health First Aid Australia has been committed to evaluating its training programs using rigorous scientific studies. Information about all the evaluations published in academic journals can be read here.

Do you develop tailed mental health training course for specific groups or industries?

Yes, we do. We are always looking to develop tailored courses to meet the needs of a particular group or industry. Currently, we have tailored courses available for workplaces, tertiary students, tertiary medical students, pharmacy, legal professionals, financial services professionals, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Are mental health issues common?

Yes, one in 5 Australians struggle with mental health issues every day, by 2030 it will be the number one health issue worldwide in both developed and underdeveloped counties.

Does your company invoice monthly if I want to train my staff?

Yes, we will issue you with a 30-day account that has a 14 day payment period.

Can I claim the costs through Keystone?

Keystone is committed to providing a sustainable subsidy for accredited and non-accredited training in the building and construction industry. The Board of Directors regularly considers industry feedback and contemporary workforce data and has now allocated subsidies for 2023.

Is the training delivered by lived experience trainers?

Yes, all our trainers are accredited and have lived experience. We believe this gives us the ability to communicate in a manner that comes from the heart and will resonate with all participants.

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